ABOUT THE DISTRICT                                                                                

The total area of the district is 2214.8 sq. km., having two Sub-divisions and eight Community Development Blocks. There are two Municipalities viz. Balurghat and Gangarampur. The district is spread over 65 Gram Panchayats and 1638 revenue Mouzas. The total area is 221480 hectares out of which 1097 hectares are occupied by forests being 0.50% of the total land. The net sown area is 175620 hectares being 79.29% of total land.

 NEED OF DIMI                                                                                              

The district of Dakshin Dinajpur stands at a critical stage with a high percentage of rural population without any asset (43.9% census 2001) and lack of infrastructure facilities. Severe malnutrition has affected a large proportion of the 0-6 years population. Gender gap in literacy rate (rural) is also high at 19.6%.

It has been realized that to counter all these problems uniformly and in a more focused manner, it is essential that there exist a uniform system of information flow between the gram panchayats, blocks (which are the administrative units of the district), the district and the state. It has also been realized that the GPs can play a critical role as the source of information. However the present information flow that exists at the block and the district level lacks in a number of ways. As different line departments collect data at different levels, it becomes increasingly difficult to fix up a single unit, which will act as the primary source of information. Decentralised Information Management Initiative through GIS for Integrated Governance in Dakshin Dinajpur will attempt to build up the capacity of the Block development officers and the elected members of the panchayat samitis in electronic information exchange and thereby transforming the blocks into the nodal units of collating and disseminating information as well as bringing about focused intervention in the areas of concern.