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This month's Analysis

Decadal growth

Literacy Rate

West Bengal

Decadal growth is more than 18 Literacy rate is less than 57

It has been observed that the literacy rate of West Bengal has inverse relation to the decadal growth of population.

The highlighted pockets of the state map shows the areas which fulfills the conditions given above the maps. Uttar Dinajpur and Malda are the two districts which has low literacy percentage and high decadal growth. A closer look at these districts reveals those areas where condition is even worse.


Decadal growth is more than 20 Literacy rate is less than 47

The west part of Malda has an even worse condition. Most of the blocks which have high decadal growth, have low literacy rate.


Uttar Dinajpur

Decadal growth is more than 27 Literacy rate is less than 45

The district of Uttar Dinajpur shows blocks which have decadal growth as high as 27. The blocks which are not highlighted, have decadal growth more than 24. Most of these blocks show low literacy rate.



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